Puss In Boots..... TeddyGruBear interpretation.


100% designed and handmade by TeddyGruBear, where do I even start to explain the intricacies of making this delightful, cheeky Character?


Puss is made (hand sewn) using Steiff-Schulte Alpaca fur in two different colours - a gorgeous pale mocca and white. He has then been completely hand shaded and sculpted.


He stands at 32cm tall, and is 5 way cotter jointed (neck, arms and legs). He has a perfectly long "swishy" tail, which contains armature, so that it can be posed however you wish.

He also has a real black leather belt around his waist.


Puss weighs 414 grams (including his hat) and has been filled with a mixture of wood wool (excelsior), alpaca and pure wool.


His black boots and hat have also been handmade using real leather, as well as deep red velvet trim.

His hat has an antique silver pin holding his gorgeous black feathers in place.


Puss has amazing amber/green glass eyes, of which change in the light (are they amber? or are they green?), and a clutch of horsehair whiskers.


He also has a stunning hand made cape in black with the same deep red trim as seen on his hat and boots. The cape does up with a satin bow, and I have trimmed it up with some stunning (real) Swarovski black crystals which is held together with a gold coloured latch.


Puss in Boots is one of my largest Characters to date, and he has been truly a work of love. He will be sure to become one of your favourite family heirlooms. He is certainly one of mine!


Will you be the one to give him his loving forever home?


********Puss in Boots is not intended as a toy, but rather a collectible, keepsake.********

Puss In Boots